Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birthday song

Me, with my drinking can, 28-12-2013,12.00am on the balcony, plus music, plus chilly wind blow into face make me feel as if I am back in Prague..haha

When I was younger, I always hate my birthday, it falls in the school holiday, or worse, the end of school holiday. No friend celebrate for me, mom( who is a teacher) always busy with school during this period. My birthday is always forgotten, or most likely, celebrated on my younger bro's birthday on Christmas' eve.

Now I love it being at the end of the year, in between the holidays. Always at this time we pack up everything that is either finished or unfinished in the year, and start looking forward to the new year. I like the feeling of 迎新弃旧.

It's hard to describe 2013. I am indebted to so many ppl who love me unconditionally. I am, as usual, in doubt on the receiving end. I am glad I am more aware of these in this December. Despite ups and downs in the middle of the year, 2013 still end delightfully(:

Happy birthday!

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