Saturday, August 3, 2013


Last June in Korea. Ferry tour the Han River.
Feeling the excitement of the little girl!

Perhaps all of us has his/her downtime. I had mine in the last two months. I barely meet up with friends like I used to do--partly because I had a really bad flu that lasted for a whole month so my choice of food is very limited. I don't watsapp all the time anymore. Hmm when you stop pple ard you stop too.

I was enjoying my lone time. I was sorting out thoughts. And now I'm picking up again. Some of things should not be forgotten in the next downtime--time I feel bored, not energized in anything and most of all when I want to leave yet I don't have any travel plan.

1) try new things. I go to book store myself, new yoga class, new eating place, new dabao place.. I am very grateful that every new things I tried turn out to be good or very good...

2) buy new things.not really the retail therapy kind. maybe with the recent increment or bonus I feel myself richer than ever:p I can afford pampering myself by owning books I want to read. I can go to the dvd shop to choose the movie I really want to watch. I used to go to the illegal dvd choose among the the titles they have--most of them are blockbuster but they are not my kind of thing. And of course my recent acquisition is the gym membership haha

3) meeting ppl. Although I don't go out to meet friends anymore, I still meet plenty of pple in the workplace. Thanks to that, I find so much energy in talking to everyone of them, they are friends i have lunch with, pantry auntie, friends i always go to for little gossips after work. I have really fun colleagues to work with. We got so much of jokes to talk abt each and everyday.

4) reading. To be honest, I seldom read before. most of the time I am more focusing on my own thoughts. In the down time, reading has set me new thinking to my own circumstance. It pulls me out of the little keyhole i see things. same for watching movie, the show i picked up in the dvd shop put things in new perspective, always.

5) yoga. with the new gym membership, i can go yoga as frequent as my schedule allows. i love the flexibility. now the challenge for myself is to stay really focused in the class and allows my mind (/subconsciousness) takes charge of my body. i am working on that. i believe i can be 'in the zone'  if i enjoy and know what i'm doing ...even for other things.

6)be thankful. what i do often is try to change it if things are not satisfying. yeah making change is a positive move. yet now i slow down to think everything i didnt realize i'm fortunate to have (/take for granted). when i really have my quiet time to think. i realized there are so much i should be thankful for. most of all, i feel very happy for being thankful.

7)it would be endless if i want to list out all of them here. most importantly is to enjoy the every little thing in life and enjoy the very moment lah. surprisingly, my boss gave me a important life lesson in a team dinner. during a game which he had to answer a question 'whether your goal in life is achieved'. he didnt say outright-ly 'yeah of course'. i think to alot of pple out there he is a young successful man. he said what he see from the pple around him 'alot of them has everything to be happy but he is not happy. yet there are some who has every reason to be unhappy, they can stay happy. so to him, it's not about whether the goal is achieved at the end. but it's about enjoying what he is doing right now. ' haha true or me it's just like hitting the nail on the head lah.

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