Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life change

It's been great so far in converting life centered around a job. My job is not least for now. I can enjoy my own time after work, either with friends, my device or my own my room. so many things has changed, I am in the process of settling down, at the same time enjoying the best time of the life (when I haven't gotten busy)

Having an income empowers me to do/own things that I have been longing for the longest time..that's is the most delighting part of this life change-truly. I feel deeply contented already with the recent two happenings in my life, first would be getting an iphone, second is going to Eason's concert

Watching Eason's concert is a longstanding wish. Although I do not sit close enough to him as I was expecting (plus the heads in front of me block my view), I got my dream fulfilled! I did enjoy the concert very much...mesmerizing in pictures of him singing often..haha

When he came down from the top of the stage at the start of the concert, I kept telling myself, there he is there he is, finally he is in front of my eyes, and singing live to me! not from the laptop in the bt batok's room!

The greatest inspiration from the concert would be I want to be someone like him, not as in the popularity or the money he earns but his personality, his way of making music. He does what he believes in.. He is good in what he does..His character is often fused in his music.. he can be himself as much as he want because we all like him... the point is not we all like him of course, but he does what he likes and turn out to be what we like. I may not know what I will be doing in the future. But i really want to be an inspiring character like him.

Iphone is a magic device. I might be the last one in the world to get an iphone 4 but my passion lies in him is not less than any others. just tat I didn't have money. Like the way he does things in a most straightforward way. no hassles no excessive information. the are no other worthy opponent can beat him, more nokia for me

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