Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of working

just like everyone else, I like to look back and think how this is different from what was before, ie being a student.

I realized three things are the best: first is having an income, as I have elaborated in my previous post, second is getting enough of sleep, it is the best-est for my well being. I have the energy to start to do the work of the day, do the talking...I don't feel I am in such a bad shape that I don't want to face/talk to anyone. I felt like that everytime I didn't have enough sleep due to thesis. although the day would be shorter with enough of sleep, I really feel MUCH better.
Third would certainly be having your own time after work. There won't be any moment when you think that you have to do work when you don't feel like doing, you need to force yourself to do. Forth, meet people, talk to people. it was not something I really enjoy before...but now, it is kinda fun maybe because pple ard me are nice & kind.

The points was not only the above, getting an income also means alot of other things. 正所谓受人钱财替人解难,working means getting yourself adapt to whatever situation that fell upon to you. when I was a student, I definitely can choose whom I want to meet/hang out with...whom I don't even want to talk to...but in the job, I have to accept everyone I come across with, I cannot change them (i'm not the boss), I have to change myself to accept them. Things like that happen every often...who knows who you will be working changes everyday

working means alot of things that are out of control. It is not personal like doing a thesis, it just affects what you do everyday. one day you might get to do what you like, the other day you are made to do something else. when you feel contented with what you're doing today, tomorrow comes a new project, hey, job changes faster than yourself. what i can tell myself is only stay cool, boleh tahan then stay, tak boleh then leave...WORKWORKWORK hoping for a brighter side tmr..

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