Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My past in NUS-part 1

looking for nice, fun and meaningful pictures from the old albums...thinking to write some stories of the past five years before everything comes into an end
PGP (Prince George's Park Residence) is where everything started..
I can't describe how excited I was when I just moved in to PGP. It's so cool, everyone has a little round transponder as the key to access to your floor & room. Not only that, the coolest was the fact that I have my own little space since then..I finally can see myself being all independent, nobody would care how late I hang out outside...it's freedom! I really appreciated the fact that I am going to study here, live in such a seemingly high quality environment.
PGP marks the start of my school life and largely defines first two years of my school life. For most of the time when I am not in studio, I will spend time in my room like this--reading or doing assignments. All I can think of is the laptop screen and the bed..they played the largest role in my life..and to be honest I used to spend really alot of time on bed sleeping...cos you know when you are sick of the comp screen (or assignments more specifically), the next thing you can seek for inside the room is really the bed..
Of course, a lot of time there is food, food that I smuggle in from home..cos buying anything in Singapore was just expensive
There was still rotring pens..
the window I had faced for a year. I can view other rooms of R6 afar from the window. I like to observe how many rooms still have the light on in the late nights, and imagine how the students inside also sharing the same plight as me, so to comfort myself I was not that pathetic..lol..
Living in PGP also signifies many times of moving in and out. the hostel is admin-ed in such a way that they let the students move as many times as possible...moving is not easy. I regretted bring so many things here from home..
Time when I finally cleared the room..haha i think this is Yong Zi's

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