Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movies and Reviews

I have been watching movies since I stopped working, partly to make up for my severely not-up-to-date knowledge of the popular was embarrassing when I was having a chat about movies with a friend I met in his surprise, there were so many famous movies I have never watched before, such as batman series, star war series, transformer series, LOTR series, Harry Potter series..

But then I still cannot pull myself to watch any title from these famous series (as if it's really tough..) Blame it to my tv which does not allow me to pull a HDMI cable, I hate watching the nice pictures on my humble laptop screen. but I know, if i get to sit down (prefer with someone with me though) and finish the shows patiently, I would love them...for now, i still stick to drama, romance, comedy, those I find entertaining easily watching not need much brain power..

My Sister's Keeper
Someone has recommended this on facebook, so i started from this.
I was wondering what the girl was thinking (to sue her own mother) although it looks quite reasonable from a third party's point of view. But then I thought one would do anything to save my sister's life, such as donating a kidney...even though it would bring down the quality of life in the rest of one's life. especially after seeing the sister hood has a deep relationship, I was wondering : is there something wrong with the American's value system? is that they value 'self' much more than family even in the circumstances like that? but it didn't disappoint me, the sister do it with a reason, do it for the favour of her sister. The movie, in the end, turns out to be quite touching, but not excellent.

An Education
It questions the very question I too always have. "Studying is hard, and boring. What you're telling is to be bored in the rest of my life?" A girl who has spent all her life to study in order to get into Oxford have such realization when someone hits her that life could be only about fun. I have the same realization when I was in Prague. I do wonder at times why should i spend all my time on this difficult, boring stuff, if life could be easier....(without have to study).... really.. certainly there're alot pple out there do well without a good degree. but since you have chosen to study, and you are (sort of) good in study, then just stick to it loh...

but the story ends with a moral lesson learnt, which is also a norm to our conceptions. "Nobody does anything worth without degree." then the girl learnt that there's no shortcut in getting the life she wants, that's why it's needed to be educated, or more specifically, in a prestigious institution like Oxford. Women's (or young women's) happiness cannot rely on man, because it is always fleeting and not reliable...when man cheats. Education is like an insurance in our life, because the best investment we can do in our life is always to invest ourselves.... when a student asks me in class, is a degree so important? i really told them "the future society only look at your cert.."
The Reader
I don't like this much. part of me could not understand the romance between them..I pity the Kate Winslet in the movie, yet I could not get the guilt of Ralph Fiennes towards her

The Ugly Truth
A funny one. I like both Katherine and Gerald.. they make a good match. Although the plot is not new, still pretty entertaining.
Pride and Prejudice
I like this. I like Keira Knightley. I haven't read the book before. I have borrowed the book many times before but I never get to read finish it (blame my impatience)..But now I really want to buy one and read it. I thought the lines must be very witty and worth reading from book although the storyline could be long-winded. I thought how the movie manages the tension between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy is very good, at certain points, it really melts my heart (such as the raining scene).. and Keira Knightley does a very good job perform, witty and pretty.
Now I finally know why the book title called Pride and Prejudice!
I don't like it much although it come from the same director from Pride and Prejudice and features Keira Knightley. I thought book must be alot better. Saw it from Wikipedia, the book actually separates the story to four sections. I thought writing must be better to tell the story. I honestly find it abrupt to watch the war scene after the first part ended, and it lasted quite i skipped them..cos my intention to watch this is afterall to watch a romance..why do i have to bear the whole war scene... It was not clear what I should be looking forward to after the first part (yeah I do not know the meaning of Atonement) and I have to reassure myself this is not a thriller (to think how the girl set everything up) turned out to be a drama and the main storyline lie on the little girl, which the poster doesn't say anything as well....really had much surprises
Bridget Jones's Diary
I have been kinda addicted to the British movie partly because I am really in love with British accent..Instead of saying 'Bridget' like we say it, they say it in 'Brid' in first tone and 'get' in second tone, and in a much accentuated way, I am saying tones in pinyin..they just sound very lovely
Bridget Jones is very likeable, Colin Firth is totally my type.. Although it is a movie, I still fantasize how living like Bridget would be extremely fun and happy. i think it's the optimism..if we imagine ourselves live like a comedy, i believe, there is really not much to worry about. just so when you think you screw everything up, it really hasn't turned out to be that bad or good things will come along! just so when you think you have blurted out things you should not have said (which often happens to me) people actually think you're interesting, find you likeable or just laugh at you hahaha. Sad to say, this is however less tolerated in Eastern society (or in singapore, as far as I know), because people will take what you say so will find less freedom in speaking or you will say things more cautiously.
I like the movie, very entertaining. Because it is the story of average girl, can find so much relevance in our life..i guess i could always take out this and watch when I feel down or low confident. should be a good remedy haha
The snowy Christmas season, country house, and London makes me miss Europe alot. I still could not help but wish to go back there one day, if I ever come across chances like that.

Definitely, Maybe
I thought this is a good story. Maybe I should have known who he gonna choose after April said the most important line of the movie "definitely maybe" . i didn't have much thought cos she didn't have much more time (than other girls) in the movie also. but i like love story in New York, so I like this...quite funny also..

Bridget Jones 2: The edge of reason
No much surprises but get to see the funny and likeable Bridget. I laughed hard in the skiing scene because I am similarly clumsy..but she is abit better..
i thought in the relationship, there is always the rational and non-rational (or emotional part), the thing is how you balance it, the edge of reason probably implies one Bridget's fight with Mr Darcy when she was rational and was not like her usual self...yeah that's how we all screw things up usually..

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