Saturday, July 9, 2011

My past in NUS- the gang

Life in PGP in nothing like a usual students' hostel, everyone hardly knows his/her neighbours, we were like individuals who had nothing in common... when I got bored.. what I could do is either chat on msn or make fun of myself ..I look kinda idiot here!!
But because of PGP, we stick together often..we often attend the lectures, wait for the sucky A1 A2 shuttles, return from school, eating every meals, complain about works, gossip about studiomates, bitch about tutors, hang out after submission, do group projects, study for exams...together. we hit it off as soon as the first day we meet. Yong zi is the only non-malaysian, who always have bucks to splurge, who does not live thriftily like us, who always have so much to bitch about, who in the end left us for greener pasture in southern hemisphere....we won't have so much fun without her! with her, there's always sth to amaze, laugh and tease.
Yong zi in action.. i think this is one of those times after the studio ends, I came to look and wait for her to go back together.."YZ..late alrdy...why still dont want to go backkk!"
hehehe in studio
we all had little knowledge of metropolitan life like in Singapore..YZ, who had been there for years, always introduce new things to us, one thing being eating tortilla chips in the cinema.
That is our first project together. A standing mailbox.
One of the amazing things we did tgt would probably be this concrete sculpture, which is still standing now. it's really hard to do the formwork! we did it all in timber .
Who would think of going to Chinatown just to experience the new year's atmosphere after the final crit? the two girls kept laughing at my old-fashion idea..but in the end my wish was fulfilled. it was always tough to finish the final lap (often there was project submissions) right before cny, it was the least bit I can enjoy cny in Singapore.
Luckily there were desserts so they wont feel it's such a waste of time coming with me!


  1. so good of you to put this up.. miss it ! must make our trip to yongzi's wedding come true.

  2. I was thinking the same when I was writing! must go!