Saturday, July 9, 2011

My past in NUS-Studios

Cannot begin without mentioning my very first studio. Florian's studio. It's also where we started to know very well each other--yong zi, hui loh, han cheng...of cos there were rayson, nai yan and shen yeow who became huiloh's boyfriend later. My god.. I almost do not want to remember how 'innocent' 'clueless' I was. I remember there were pple who can get the idea of architecture, or the kind of architectural education we will be going thru right from the start, such as xin yu, naiyan and rayson.....
I think I was lucky to be put in this studio because it was a good buffer before I experienced more and more difference of studying overseas. We were all very clicked and we were Mandarin-speaking. Florian is very 'free' and let us do what we want, although I sometimes really could not grasp wat the sch/him wants...he let us free. I remember I was really clueless at how shld I design my first project. he actually had to force me to write down 10 things I like, so to make me/him understand myself better, then figure how should I go about to design...That was the first shock, transition from a very text-book system to a system entirely abt yourself and creativity
It was very fun we could go to Singapore Zoo. I really thought we can go in (for free)..haha but then we only stayed at the entrance!
Very very excited! I was given the chance to go to Bangkok. That was my first trip overseas, my siblings haven't been overseas either...I was very proud to be the first in the family. SQ somemore! Eudora was sitting beside me, I excitedly told her this is my first time on SQ, obviously she has been on that kind of flight many times before...but still laugh with me haha.
One of the most unforgettable things on the flight must be the food, they are still of the highest standard even after I have been travelling quite a bit since then.
Touch down Bangkok..
Other than doing works, which is only to record things down on journal, our studio had pretty much of fun. We went to the seediest area of Bangkok--Patpong one night, came back on the super squeezy cab and with much amazement....

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