Sunday, July 10, 2011

My past in NUS-studio II

It was totally random when I decided to sign up for this holiday studio. I was regretting I did not sign up for the Prague studio which would let me travel in Europe ..That was also the same regret led me to choose Prague as the destination of SEP..
Come to think of it, both of the decisions were the best and gave me the most memorable times in my uni years. haha life is often like that right, you could have missed out what you think the best, but what you get in the end is even best-er!
I was thinking "haih without going to overseas, going kuching sounds like good also, at least can take a flight..." At the same time I dragged SY along, "Go kuching lah..otherwise holiday also has nothing to do.."

We stayed in Kuching for two weeks in this little backpacker inn. Comfort and homelike. Every start of the day, we would go out and loiter around the streets to do urban study, which includes eating the chendol, kuih lapis, siew mai, kolok mee.....Every end of the day, we would come back, start to do presentation of our study and fill the small inn with lots of noise, we also finds suppers in the middle of the nite either with a Ramli burger or a plate of kolok mee. such is life, eat, work, eat and alot of talking.....
We weren't love at first sight, us from NUS and them from UM. I remember we were still quite restrained at the beginning--that was how Singapore has taught us---do not be too 'loud' haha. When we finally got to know each other, understand how they usually having fun together... We talked lame jokes, got crazy fun together. I always remember I was feeling I have returned to high sch times...because I haven't played like that for ages.
above pic: we walked for seriously long to find this karaoke ...we were damn desperate to sing k, this was the last night in kuching
hahaha this guy got abit crazy after some alcohol..
the last night. They put the world gross-est animal on the tummy of birthday boy Alan..

It was the long lost familiarity. Having been overseas for two years, we haven't experienced the same kind of familiarity for a long while. It was luckiest to get to know a bunch of pple from the same background in the same field of architecture..
few years later. glad to have them in singapore.

we also have d best seniors who very much take care of us since then..also there is ming jie who always absent..hehe


  1. every decision will lead us to something.
    a decision to go for this joint studio programme made me make more friends which I think is the most important one.
    Thank God to have you all in my life.
    Perhaps we shall visit Kuching one day.
    Let's create more memories instead of missing old memories :)

  2. Apac! agree. we shall go back kuching tgt again:) miss you guys!! everyone of you!