Sunday, June 19, 2011

Teacher's diary

have been teaching for a week! how I feel about the job? I think it's kinda of relaxing as in overall working hours and job scope, but it's exhausting when you're in the class. No joke.

On the day when I have 7 periods in a day, at the last two periods I already run out of any energy...I feel so sien in talking already yet I still have to talk, the dilemma is that...and the class will tend to be more talkative towards the end of the to make it worse, the class is noisy, you sick of talking, the class getting even more out of control, yet you don't have energy to shout anymore, few listens, in the end you feel very sien...always a day ends like that..thus it's really exhausting.

I have 4 classes of English. there's one I feel like really impossible for it too soon for me to feel that way? but anything doesn't work on them. they are culinary arts class, the only class I feel talking anything to them is a waste of energy. All they do is talking, laughing, talking..seriously i dread going to this class everyday. I feel any teacher has a class like that is enough to make her job a chore...going into class like that only spoil my mood of the day.

I always thought it doesn't matter to me, whether students listen or not, when I heard my mom talk about her experience. Yet, it really matters. I do not know why. I know whether they want to learn or to listen doesn't matter too much for me. I am only here for two weeks. But sometimes when I have already asked them to doworks, do it in the class somemore, but they just don't want to do, just want to slack and talk (don't know why they want to come to school anyway)...and when a lot of them not doing works...I can get quite just offends me, although I can see it as none of my business..they slack let them slack loh...told them the importance of english alrdy still like tat!!

it just boils down to one thing, just like the malay teachers say, tak minat lah...students nowadays really tak minat. teacher only feel encouraged to teach when students are eager to learn. If the quality of students like that, no one could really bother them, teacher only leave for better job wonder the school always so short of teacher.

But teaching is a good job for mother who have kids to take care...half day of work, still have half day to slack..quite relaxing in terms of working hours.

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