Tuesday, May 31, 2011


this is the 10th time i check my result. Everytime i will try to do it in the mid night when i can go to sleep straight if i receive bad result..it is without exception for this time. it is most nervous when you click some button, the result just came right before your eyes, in a second.

I always know i have enough of school system for the disappointments i have everytimes. yes this is without exception.. now i just want to say f***.. but i feel much peaceful now considering i managed to survive this system for five years and receive a degree for that. even so, for most of the time, i didn't survive well. why? i guess sometimes it really has much to do with the luck, which i know, i don't have much of that. other than that, i don't know why...cos i have put in all i can put in in..and i think i am pretty smart..

seriously..i have done with you. BYE NUS!! i am sure i will be better without you. lol

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