Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teacher's diary 2

Been sharing my own stories in the class...partly to encourage them to really study English hard.

To me, English makeup a big part of my uni life since i started studying in sg. Actually even now when I look back what i felt and what I thought, I still do not know why I needed much more time than other friends to get use to the language environment. Is it the mentality problem? the confidence and all... Is it really about linguistic ability? or is it that Johorean or, more specifically foon yew students really less versatile in language.....I have that feeling sometimes.

Taking out from my last blog, this was what I have been wishing
"I’m abit bitter over this, the differences which you cant wipe away. But, at the moment, I’m still optimistic. I think, perhaps after 2, 3 years, I would be able to talk fast, talk about anything, talk clearly, correctly, confidently. I would have the confidence to defend my opinion, can carry forward my opinion clearly, able to persuade, convince people effortlessly. I could talk to anyone like using mother tongue, can socialize better with no fear."

At its hype, i almost turned everything i do, write, think, read into english. You get what I mean. Others do not have to try so hard. But to me, I have to do that.

The all time goal was to make myself really feel ease in using the language. the process is hard, lasted several years and it became really stressful sometimes.

After some torturing process eg criticized by tutors for bad presentation skill, after sep, after I finished writing my dissertation..I am who I am now. I feel much more at ease ..this post is to commemorate one of the greatest achievements in these five years before the commencement

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