Sunday, May 15, 2011


My brother drove the only auto car at home to KL. I thought that would be fine for me until the third/forth day. I started to get very pissed. When I want to go out to have a haircut, to buy groceries, food, magazine, I am all stuck at home.

The first thing came into my mind is, I would not have the same problem if I were in Singapore. I do not have to walk 20 mins to get to bus stop and wait for bus service that often pisses me, in order to watch a show or to buy a book in City Square. The bus service is irregular, in terms of everything. As I took the bus more frequently these days, I met all variants of the bad service, such as rude indian drivers drive fast with one hand (another hand holding handphone and talking furiously), such as bus broke down all of the sudden, the driver and the conductor(who collects bus fare) went down waiting quietly without telling the passenger anything, only those who asked found out, "yeah, bus has broken down, so..any problem?", such as traffic jam that took me 1 1/2 hour to reach for the supposedly 45mins-1 hour journey. I have been long winded in complaining. But the thing is I will not bring myself to take one of these buses unless necessary, such as going to Singapore, it would be such a chore to take the bus if I just want to go to City Square to watch a movie or buy a book.

Just a side note, City square to me is like the most reachable 'urban life' at home. It has cinema, bookstores, shops with fashion I buy...and it is reachable by one bus from home. Other suburb malls in JB are good too but they are not reachable by bus.

I like to stay home but I also cannot live without the sort of 'urban life'. I come from kampung/small town, but the small towns here are getting bigger and more 'advanced' now with tesco, tj mart, fast food restaurants come in. I would like to say the country life is no longer here, it used to be rubber plantation in here. is it just here in this part of malaysia, I think that no one will survive without a car here! I have 3 cars in my house, still short of car sometimes. the family opposite my house has 3 to 4 cars, and always block the road.

Our life is getting so much different, it won't be enough for a young adult like me to move around in motorbike within the town, like teluk intan (definitely not dismissive) ? I am okay to stay home but once in a while i want to go to Tesco, IOI mall, dine in the Pizzahut, or going to Singapore for a day only to get some 'urban stimulation'. I always fantasize city or urban life since young, when the kampung is no longer a kampung, let alone the kampung girl.

I always thought that I like Malaysia life better, only now that i realized that is provided that I have a car! Without a car, I cannot wait to be back in Singapore, but this is not to say that I won't love to have a car also in Singapore. haha. I always thought that almost every lives in bukit batok has to go through West Mall everyday (when they come out from MRT) sucks. but i actually love the mall once in a while, the watsons satisfies my crave for glamours (i like to see the cosmetic products..), i hid into the library when i got really stressed before submission...

Being someone from 'ulu' area, i would gladly say Singapore need some adjustment to the 'country' ends, too developed, too convenient. I would gladly say, see it is good here I have got everything here yet we are not overdeveloped to that extent, overcrowding sky or rigid environment. but there is compensation! i do not know how people would survive without cars and I cannot foresee the future that is all overcrowded by cars....

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