Monday, May 16, 2011


Actually I totally understand what it means when people say being a student better than working...but being a student that has no money is really nothing better. One of the things I hated the most when doing thesis...(other than multi-tasking) is that I have to spend a lot of money on buying model materials and printing. I really had spent a lot (prob 2-3 hundred bucks throughout?), and most importantly, a lot have gone in waste. That is a lot because of the nature of my project, it makes modelling so difficult, I always had no clue what material to use, then I end up have to buy different materials for back up, to test out, but then I ended up used most of them a little bit or no at all..

It was painful experience for me each of time at Art friend or printing shop. To buy or not to buy. To buy more or to buy less. To print or not to print. Print A1 or A3, Print color or b/w. 30-40 dollars just gone in minutes. it was especially difficult that Art friend is 1 hour away and not open daily. In the beginning, I tend to buy less than I am supposed to...haih then I ended up have no enough and caused me bigger trouble. After that everytime i just close my eye, buy for the sake of buying, like a shopaholic does! when I came to think i try to save 50 cents on meal, 1 dollar on drink everytime and money left me like this, it was really painful!

Shopping was painful when I am still a student. It was nothing of pleasure. But I think as I start working, shopping would be one of the sources for pleasure soon. Because, prior to that, I already started to accumulate my desires for alot of things. haha.

#1 iphone
This is very predictable nowadays everyone has one. but i like it to let me have some entertainment/ to do work/ reading during the boring commuting hours. and organize my money..(but i heard anthony fail to use for the purpose..)
#2 ipad

I like it to let me easily access to internet, to do browsing or reading. everything on fingertips. always first on my wishlist. but then now i think it is also not good to have easy access to internet information..I am too easy to get distracted to other things I am interested to check out on internet. I read low quality things online such as entertainment news, artist information, review of things i wish to buy..hahaha. Maybe I am still not used to do reading online...might as well stick to books...although i am not so patient with books.
#3 game console
i just have this idea to have motion sensing game console such as wii, kinect or ps3 at home. sounds like fun as family activities. I know I am such a geek...
#4 hi-fi set in my room
Although I won't have chance to use it frequently, it would be nice have one in my enjoy soothing music at night..
#5 oven
To be able to cook different kind recipes that sometimes require oven. but i wont go into baking bah
#6 pingpong table
maybe..if we have room for a game.
#7 year end holiday at beach resort
#8 braces for my teeth
#9 hair blower
#10 flat iron
I shall update when I have newer idea. sleepy now.

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