Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is photoshopped. I want to cut, curl, dye my hair soon. I finally embrace my natural curly hair. but I think I still need artificial curl to make it look neater. I never dared to keep my natural curly hair all along, always rebond them to make them straight, I think that is the easiest, no-fuss way to manage my hair when I have to be so busy for school. But I also thought rebonding is not going to work forever because it damages my hair. I would have to keep curly hair one day when I can find time to style my hair when waking up, going out. I think the day is here. I have been spending time see how people do their hair online. I think I am really uneducated in this aspect. Only after seeing see the video, i realized what and how girls will do to their hair before going out...whereas I never cared about them all. That's why my hair always so messy when they are not perfectly straight lah..I don't know how to manage them! haih time to wake up and groomed like a lady ....hehe

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