Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Of being happy

actually..i swear to myself i want to do things that make me happy, and make happy my priority when i come back from prague.. yes, why do we have to be troubled by such a lot of things, and many times we forget what's life for.

almost one and a half year after, today i realized i no longer think the same..or i already forgotten that: do things that make me happy. And the bottomline is always challenged by the things i need to do (rather than i like)

i remembered somewhere in the middle of the thesis, where i thought i cannot finish the project by the given deadline. where can i get more time? the only way is shorten the sleeping time, that is also what every aki student does. then for the first time in the entire aki life, i tell myself that '做thesis要有不死的精神' meaning 我/死/都不能(沒有做完每天該做的)去睡覺....that's the last thing i will do to myself usually, because i hate the feeling of sleep-deprieved. then i start to sleep 3-4 hrs a day, can go on for weeks, and worse during submission..i didn't count, but sleeping was like non-existent..

i didn't care my bottomline anymore. sleeping? eating? everything can be reduced to the minimum...until until now i realize, hi don't i have the right to do what i feel happy to do?

where are those spirits anymore? will i be stuck into this even when i start working? highly likely right...how can one actually LOVE what he does, and do not feel compelled to go to work? will it happen soon or it gonna takes long long time?

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