Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's a whole new start!

I love doing this. I love to refresh everything and say "this is a new start!". Sometimes i love to abandon everything i have written and write on a new (note)book.

While i like to do the same this time, I refrain myself from doing that, I need to learn to accept the past, although they are not so glorious posts. Speaking of the banner, the skyline courtesy of chin wei. it was on the day we all went to fly kite. what a day! from there on i never had such a fun day out with friends during the thesis time.

I have been slacking and whining "why i don't have car?" all those days previously. and I stopped complaining. I finally get the spirit to do something here and there. i swear to myself i will write here everyday from now on until i start working (but friends.. don't take that too seriously..I will sometimes still slack and break promise)

Note to self: please put capitals when needed, from now on, I shall do more proper postings

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