Wednesday, July 14, 2010


after so longggg. i am sorry for the waiting.

last month has alot distraction, distracting me from doing real work--dissertation. i also agree that is because 'my heart wasn't there', sometimes it wasn't about things happening around you.

but i have slowly picked up the momentum to work seriously. there's no time to wait. i am always telling sooyong how 'fanjian' i am. i won't work when i don't feel the stress, when i am not scared by how much i am lagging behind. good. i went to vivocity wanted to interview a staff there, she asked me whether i still have time as i only do the part of research now! that's what scared me the most, even a stranger/outsider/whom i dont even know doubt on me.

but i believe better late than never. i really have to work seriously hard work faster, i need extra time than others given my language standard.

i'm sorry if i cant talk to you, get in touch with you, friends.

i have moved to new place, sharing a room with my all-time roommate/best friend. she has been like my mother nagging me too much. perhaps it is because i'm always acting like a child haha (but i'm not childishhhh!)

ntg fancy. just a 'shelter' cum workplace for us in singapore. we're staying with a malay family. our 'territory' is only this room and we share the toilet with them.

this messy table belongs to sooyong;p the right hand side one is mine. i even have a ricecooker in the room so i can cook instant noodles inside to satisfy my always hunger in the late night. i thought that's like camping: cook, eat, sleep, work altogether haha

our bed, we all reluctant to share a bed but the landlord didn't want to buy a new one. i sleep on the right hand side. (btw the blanket was folded esp for the shooting haha)


  1. i wanna visit to ur new place one day!
    all the best for ur dissertation!!!
    work hard, work smart!!!
    support u always!
    my spirit be with you...
    take care