Monday, June 21, 2010

My part-time

i've got a new job. the job is to help a government body to conduct a survey on the operating cost of childcare centres in singapore.

basically what i have to do is calling an endless list of childcare centres and making appointment with them (agak-agak chances of getting to talk to the boss/supervisor is 1 out of three calls, chances of successfully making an appointment is 1 or 2 out of ten calls... so i made alot alot of calls last week to schedule this week until it's i can make more money--pay is counted according number of surveys done)

so the FUN part is going to each childcare centres to get the survey done..after this first day is all over, i just want to say.."what a day!!"

actually i wrote the above passage on the first day..but i didn't finish it. well.. the first day is considered quite lucky compared to the next four days until today.

tue. i went all the way to tampines but only got 2 surveys. haih... other scheduled childcare centres cancelled my appointments with them. wed. it was raining so heavily. i walked in to ulu bungalows area and waited the lady to finish the survey for damn long..well thurs sucks the most. went to first childcare centres in the morning and only to realized i blurredly told the lady i will come on fri instead of tat day (thurs) on the phone. so i had to come again next day. i went to four centres but i spent almost half of my day on the bus! ...okay i'm getting slightly cleverer today. MRT always comes before buses no matter how many times of transiting. (oh i thought this shld be the general knowledge known by everyone..but i still made the mistake -_-)


i have been going different corners of east side of singapore this week and now i dare to say that singapore is really that BORING (i am a west resident seldom go across eastern side of singapore) maybe it's not boring. boring is subjective. but it's so homogeneous. i think except city, the rest of the singapore looks the same and is all coded. all towns are made up by blk of flats, some with kopitiams or childcare centres at the ground floor, and a town centre. hougang ave 5,4, 3, 2, 1, tampines st 34, 35, 78... bus 28, 147 to blk 1-999. i am all confused with loads of number i have to remember to go to one place(take bus ## to tampines st ## bus stop at blk ## take another bus ## to avenue ## then walk to blk## ..).. guess the only thing i need is--iphone..

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