Friday, June 18, 2010

I left my heart in the past #1

i figured i might as well do something meaningful rather than wasting my time on procrastination

it was really lucky last year that i'd many new experiences that may happen only once in a life time:) now being in singapore, life has come to a stagnant point (how sad to put it like that...)

it's really more about the reality--money study graduation. even a short holiday out of town is so hard to come by, to consider free time from job/study and the money!

there i go. dwelling on the past and writing retrospectively

i miss the days i still know how to cook..btw zoe really love your soup!
great day with you! we went to buy ticket to pilsen and do some grocery shopping (in Billa? how reminiscing this name is! i spent so much of my crowns at this place called Billa..) how i miss kitchen in masarykova! rather unglam i was in pyjamas..

oh ya dear readers:) this gonna be a series thing. more pictures next time

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  1. the days you still know how to cook??? huh now you can't cook dy??!