Saturday, July 17, 2010

dissertation disorder

sooyong went home, for three days, i haven't spoken to anyone...except short meeting with suat on thurs and calling from mom. i'm bored.

i kept buying food and i found myself non-stop munching while working. i know i should stop that, my money is running can i spend so much on food still..

i locked myself in this little room (with music). didn't dare to go out when the house only has me and the man. i'm just skeptical and scared.

不经一番寒彻骨 哪得梅花扑鼻香
seeing everyone of my batch graduating, i am very envy!..but i know, i wouldn't feel as accomplished if i graduate this year, if i dont finish this (hardest) master year. i will be goddamn happy to graduate with a master next year. what an accomplishment in life!

and gigi, i'm so excited about going your wedding in china (secretly giggling as i can shun bian go hongkong, my favourite city=) even it's next year! i think it's gg be a very joyous occasion seeing you getting married.
gigi u really changed alot lah "different stages do different things" that's coming from your mouth!? you have totally changed to a 'married' mindset.. when are u gg to have baby??

i gonna have a new net book:) (borrow from mom, it's free, come with new streamyx plan) hooray for more flexibility of working!

hooray for next week.. i will go home, definitely! badly need a haircut and i shall bring back more food!

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