Wednesday, July 28, 2010

distraction in library

i'm in library. is it because the ambience of the library, the unclear sky, or somewhere in-between the lines i'm reading..? i dreamt about prague.

in one of those noon time which felt like a morning because i always woke up really late. the weather was just like today, hazy and cloudy, it's always like that throughout the autumn. we walked out masarykova dorm, sometimes to menza, billa, dejvicka (and i, am still unable to spell this without help from google) or parks, there's no routine to it.

now, i remember so clearly the walk from dorm, that passes by library, to the billa building. there's a neighbourhood just beside the buillding. there are banks, post office and some restaurants on the ground level of the stretch of apartments cum shops. the architectural style is the kind of style we often see in newer building in prague. the street doesn't have much traffic. it's always kind of quiet. but there's so much of the street life. one thing that is really much missed is the presence of tram on the road. there was one time, i was surprised to see a few men up on the roof top. i didn't know what they were doing, but i saw man like contractor on the street shouting/ordering to the man on top. (details i can't remember, hmm what they spoke about is not understandable for me either)

there are many elderly. they shop in billa alone, they stroll their dogs. their dogs are exceptionally obedient. In billa, we always look for the shelf have 'akce' tag on it or pick the 'clever' brand items. they are always the cheapest. that's because akce means offer, clever is the supermaket's in house brand.

hmm memory is really as such like sy proposes. there's so much in my mind. but that's all for today. i cant write so extendedly like proust does. hehe

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  1. haha Prague again!! :P and I like especially one sentence:

    and i, am still unable to spell this without help from google