Friday, May 7, 2010

Work & Play (Prague & un-Pragued)

come to think of it, actually i have this vicious cycle in my entire school life (either sec sch or uni now)

beginning: i slack and dont do work, i thought i have plenty of time
-->after a while dont know why i start panicking , not like real panic, but i will scare myself subconsciously with the guilt of previous over-slacking, or deadline pressure("it's approaching it is..." self imposed thinking) or peer pressure("everyone's working hard, everyone is..)
-->then i would really work hard
-->but that's not healthy. i feel stressed i feel unhappy
-->then i come to realize "hmm it really shouldnt be in this way" i should go out have fun, i should watch shows rather than doing this..
-->then i go out have fun (or too much fun?), things messed up abit
-->come back repent "if i keep going like this, will i mess up alot more?" "seems like working shld be my priority leeee"
-->then i go back do work lor
-------->never ending

haha that's balancing work and play( i mean play as in everythg else except working) for me.. spent a long long time finding the balance. hoping for finding great pleasure in work & stress free life in the coming year!

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