Wednesday, May 5, 2010


woke up and started facebooking. i hate to admit that facebook is my only source to human lives, sometimes. esp in this holiday. interestingly, i'm not even the kind of person actively appear on facebook..

perhaps i shouldn't dwell on this anymore. chinwei is giving me warning. if i still dread doing the work i should be doing now, i would suffer in the end. so suat hui, if you're reading this, we'd better start working hard now, and dont dont give me bad influence!!

actually, i could explain why i barely started even after so long (yeap they are excuses). because this is essentially a holiday! why would anyone be able to work when library is starting to empty itself the crowds of muggers, when pple in the hostel are alrdy packing and moving. and sooyong isn't back yet (not sure if she's doing work at home though) and suat is about to go home, some pple just finished their exams, yml studio went tioman...

so i cant do work without knowing pple around me working hard as well. that's the bad thing about doing school work during holiday. you're on your own! how i wish there is a studio we could always go back discuss with friends our dissertation progress in the school.. i need connection with pple (i never know i need it so badly) other than facebook and msn!

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