Tuesday, May 18, 2010


went to this bookshop in Singapore the other day. it reminded me another bookshop i've been to in paris

both are little bookstore wants to sell their kind of books. the one in singapore has a very pristine environment to sell their books, polished plywood shelves, books that are arranged to their perfection on the shelves, finely labeled and categorized...the paris one is very squeezy (while holding the books on hand you're also to be aware to give way to pple at times), shelves are anywhere where planks could be tucked in and so books could be placed against the wall, books can be arranged in any way/ in its own way /whatever possible way, categorizing was done in subtlety, pricing is only indicated by pencil on the first page. it's like a little house overflowed with books.
i guess the difference is only one is done with commercial sense, the other hardly (except that it's so famous now became a attraction) .. (the former) and stocking books and overpriced 'nostalgic' souvenirs made me clearly aware that it's a shop
i just came to think that everything is/shld be well-orchestrated is so prevalent in every corner of singapore. erm anyway it's still a nice carefully designed bookshop.
on another note, if things could turn out as charming and has its own character. why designers want to impose the character (they want/ they see) to things, make things to look to its perfection. when pple could just do with their own aesthetics like this.


  1. go to any 2nd hand bookstore in malaysia; or those opened by indians... it's kinda of same as the one you shown in the pictures.

  2. really? where in Malaysia? Penang? i want to go!