Sunday, March 13, 2016

Remove Braces

2013 June I had my braces on
2016 March 13, I came to dental center for my usual checkup, the dentist agreed to remove it! I didn't expect to be today to be honest, I knew from the admin staff of the clinic doctor Lou is a perfectionist, I might need to come again before he agree to remove it. 
Lying on the dentist bed( I don't know what it is called) I was unprepared what to feel about it because this suddenly came to an end. this long term enhancement project is completed before 'top date' was even confirmed haha. I might have been missing out all the anticipation mood could be prelude to this event. It could be such a moment of the year yet it dissipate like a typical daily event. Lol
Then I was thinking what will change after I have that removed. Definitely the consultants at site will be amazed at me just like they amazed I'm putting makeup for site meeting.. Ok they are just as nonsense as usual. Maybe my boss will like me slightly better. I shouldn't cross this one out. Perhaps all the suppliers will like me even better, perhaps the aluminium subcon guy will contact me in private. Seriously I might have some suitors rite. All the pple I meet surely will have their comments, good or not good, I hope I'm not disappointed. It is such an endeavor invested with time and money and many efforts.
There goes my silly thinking. When dentist Lou is in action, I can hardly think about anything else. He grinded my teeth, make sure they are flat, I could do a perfect bite. He also polish my teeth  as if polishing a car but with a much smaller brush. Before I even realized all the metal things came off from my teeth. I look at mirror try to come to terms with my 'exposed' teeth. They are straight, big and shiny. I have not seen them for such a long time. I don't feel uncomfortable without the braces like everyone else had told me. It is a new comfort. My new smile. Much to my satisfactory.
Doctor Lou instructed me to take good care of them by using floss daily and brush the a near rotten tooth of mine with a special brush, and wear the retainer everyday. I will do it. I already worried that the my jaw will move, will come protrude again with my long tougue. I could feel about it when I wear the rubber bands. The rubber bands helped a lot on the jaw positioning, but without the braces, there is no way one could wear the rubber band right. As much as I wished I could wear the rubber bands at night I know I couldn't, I told myself I will try my best to stop it to move like keeping my tougue in all the time. Must clarify with dentist on Monday when I go back to take 'graduate photo', he even told me to put my makeup on lol.
I said thank you to doctor as well as the assistant who worked late because of me, I was the last patient. My dad was waiting for me at the waiting lobby. I was totally excited on the ride and took too many selfie.

See the side profile is totally changed, I hope this will last this will last. Overall I am very happy with my teeth. Recommend doctor Lou of Taman Sutera for his patience and effort. 

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