Monday, May 11, 2015

Tokyo 02

In case I have missed out, this is a company trip, it is supposed to be a four day trip, some of us extended to 6 days. In first three days I stayed at the Shinjuku Hyatt as the company pays for it, in the remaining days, Hannah and I shifted to the origami hostel at Asakusa.
Good morning shinjuku! We were lugging our luggage on our way to the nearest subway station from hotel and I insisted to take this cheesy picture. As we had realized soon after that, life without chartered bus, lugging the luggage navigate in the tokyo subway line is definitely not an easy task. 1)it is hard enough to do it without luggage 2) the transferring from one line to another sometimes involved walking out the station by stairs and walk another 500m..
We took nearly 2 hours to asakusa from shinjuku

Huge crowds headed out from the subway to office towers. The crowd is fast moving and robotic, no way we could get our way through among the fast moving crowds. We were quite deterred after we tried once.
after we reached asakusa station, we left our luggage in the lockers and intended to retrieve it when we came back from Nikko. These lockers are life saver for travelers. Around s$10 for a locker of this size.
We took the tobu line to nikko. A nikko pass prebooked online cost around sgd 30~40,including the return train ticket. However the bus to the Chuzenji lake, our destination,cost us another sgd20. 
On our way

On the bus climbing up to the lake up on the mountain. The one way drive way snaked up to the mountain top, the bus could climbed up the steep face of the mountain in few minutes.

We are quite late by the time we reached the mountain top. We managed to catch the rope way to the viewing platform just before it closed. With the snow mountain in the backdrop, little houses spread around the lake, and a waterfall flow into the valley, we marvelled at the scenery for a long time. Watching from the binocular, little details afar are interesting. 

Japanese certainly know how to choreograph a tourist experience. We began the tour by viewing the 'zoom out' scenery then we zoom into the big picture experience them one by one

Waiting for the bus at the ropeway station

We took a lift down to watch the waterfall

And then we ran out of time, when we finished the water fall, we had only half an hour to do the remaining sight seeing as we needed to catch the next bus to the train station, and the last train back tokyo. I wanted to see the lake. We ran to the lake marvelled at it. It is so beautiful. The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

My dinner. Bought it under pressure because the auntie said this was the last one haha. Not so nice and caused me stomachache

Origami hostel-highly recommended. Hannah is counting her remaining cash.

Viewing out of the hostel

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