Saturday, January 10, 2015

Last few days of 2014 and looking forward

In the remaining half of month of 2014, I have surprised myself by making a few last minute decisions, and they all turned out to be fantastic ones. I am pretty happy with the way 2014 drawn close.

Firstly I suggested Christmas to be celebrated at home, first time in our history. Christmas tree is well celebrated by everyone. And I made a Christmas dinner!

Success is the stuffed roasted chicken!
Anyway it was a joyful dinner on the Christmas's eve. And I finally get to try out some recipes fascinating on Pinterest.

And then I get to meet the girls, Yuyen Ke Wei, at Jb. Despite having a hard time to decide on the place to meet--remembering when I was still schooling I often find excuse for skipping gathering with friends in Jb (for it is too far away) we manage to catch up and hung out in Jb. And I haven't done this for long time.

On my birthday, we had steamboat for dinner, and there is a little vip guest attended my birthday party.

Haha so cute rite. So the next day my parents and I set off to Ipoh for our short road trip. Actually before my holiday I was hoping that I could make a road trip to anywhere in Malaysia as I didn't have any plan for overseas trip. With my parents around, I can relax at the backseat and reading on my new kindle. That's all I wanted for holiday..somehow we managed to do it spontaneously also to send me off at klia.

I manage to convince my parents to stay in this new hotel called ibis style rather than other lokok hotel my dad will go for for the price. Despite tiny, the room and the standard worth every penny we pay for,not to mention the good selection of tv channels. So 3 of us had a very comfortable stay in Ipoh-- second day of which when we came back from tiring sightseeing we just lied on the bed watch pearl harbour and there is beautiful sunset out of the window!

I like what the architect did for the plan b kong heng--the insertion in the run down building. The new and old come together well. And there is no boundary between the new built and the shophouses. Public seamlessly running through the building, taking pictures, hanging out. (Don't blame me if the whole comment sounding layman, haven't wrote anything like that for long)

A hike up to the one of the caves in Ipoh

Ipoh food is abit disappointing (this time) except for this dim sum breakfast mom insisted. Dim sum shi fu in Ipoh really very skillful.

So later we depart for klia. I caught a plane to Phnom Penh. This is my last minute decision too, impulse came when I feel like getting away for a short while. I had the idea to go before but was deterred as the price of plane ticket gone up.

New year eve's dinner at malis. It is an atas place in Phnom Penh full of expats. I believe I can't afford the same standard of dining in Singapore, with the wine glass, performance and it is pretty splendid for the New Year's Eve!

And then with colleagues we went for a walk in the monumental boulevard and along the river, shivered when we have to cross the road with the sea of motorbike. After a few more times we managed to get a hung of it, it is very novel to us to do the jaywalk like that at first. 

The monumentality reminds me of Paris, strong axis with plaza and monuments, I guess the city planners model the the city after the Paris, didn't they? 

Anyway we were there for our colleague's wedding. We had fun and it is an eye opener.

Looking at the sea of betrothal gifts here..

Without mentally prepared, I followed the group tour and came to visit the genocide side and the prison. I can't help but feeling quite sad and injustice for what had happened to the innocents. It is just too blinded I cannot imagine the foolishness of human.

End of the day went to see colleague's self proclaimed home-lol it's the palace.
Thereafter we walk along the riverside again to catch some glimpse of the liveliness of the riverfront area, there is aerobic group with pretty simple movement and Cantonese music, there is young siblings who sell traditional weaved bracelet to tourists quarreled on street. We dined at a western restaurant and had a long conversation on the injustice.. Well.. 

Later that day flew to kl and took a bus back to Jb. Again a time for me to read on my new kindle:p.

There goes my holiday. I did a variety of things I wasn't able to do usually. In 2014 I learned to appreciate little happiness in the daily life and make the best of things. Therefore it is how I celebrated the end of it.

I am sure things are at its best for 2015, for a few reasons here
1. I finally a debt-free person
2. I will be prettier when my braces removed
3. I am moving out from strange rented place 
4. I own a kindle
5. I'm more positive than ever, and I learnt to be happy in whatsoever circumstance 
6. I will keep looking and trying tirelessly for things that have not yet settled

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