Friday, July 15, 2011

Of living in Singapore

Have been busy 'decorating' my new room. no regretting buying this desk at giant because it is big enough (bigger than IKEA curry table), it has drawer and shelf, it is dark in color, it is $50, and giant has inexpensive delivery service (otherwise i will die carrying myself) is so tedious to assemble all parts together, the legs, drawers, shelf are all I was very delighted when I finally able to put my laptop on the desk
another DIY work--book shelf. now i finally can use a part of money to buy books/magazines because books used to be very expensive, and totally not affordable. hope that I will find time to read and fill up the empty book shelf

the curtain is also a DIY work. It was bought in IKEA but I need to adjust the length and put on velcro on the top part.

It is a milestone to own a small individual space in Singapore. I believe a living space is more critical to an architect than anyone else. Some people can tolerate less pleasant condition as long as rental is low...but if i have the money so the right to choose, I will get a better one..and this is the best of all the places I lived before. Very happy with the new place. with the kitchen complete with kitchenware, now I cook at home. I hope I can do that as well after work starts. The rest of the house is very clean with housemates that has good cleanliness habit..while it takes some efforts to maintain, i dont mind doing it habitually now.

It used to be very impossible to live like this, a single room, no landlord. thesis year was in worst condition. I dont know how we survive, somehow we did:) a little room that contains two thesis students, we spent most of our time inside the room, sometimes including eating, with alot of stuffs, books, food, with clothes hanging is our slum.... I cannot breathe looking at the tiny space we have. I was always thinking how we can have better place to live when the thesis is it is. over.... we couldn't wait to move out as soon as we finished thesis.

this is the omg condition when the urgent thing in mind was ONLY nothing else matters anymore. I swear, I won't and I can't live like this again in my life.
grrrr.........please I am still a clean person..dont judge

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