Friday, November 12, 2010

side note

architectural practice has exposed me to all the other things that i did not expect to work for when i choose to do architecture, such as contract management that involving dealing with reputatively shrewd and not cooperative contractors, pit falls one can be trapped in due to small mistakes when one holds large liability for a project. the bus conductor (don't know whether he is being honest or just out to scare us) even told us that in this industry if you are still an employed staff in your 40s, it is very likely that the firm will retrench you when the economy is bad, and very likely, you wouldn't be able to find job anymore. That is truly depressing. Honestly this module we have to do gives us nothing but discouragement right before we embark our career. More depressingly, there are enormous amount of paperwork an architect has to do relatively to the amount of design in a project.

But I am not even sure if I am cut out to do design. If i am not, it might be a good thing when one can choose to specialise in things like contract adminstration in this field..Actually I am not even sure if the kind of design in an architectural firm is what i want to do. It just seems to me in reality there is no longer about design.. If i want to do design, i think i should have chosen things like advertising which i always interested in..But venturing into a totally different industry is still too much to pay for considering i have paid so much for my architectural education and I am now in huge debt.

Seriously i could not be sure of anything. but if i could find other niches i am very interested and very talented in...maybe i could make something out of starting business. haha. ideally, it is best to work like a freelancer, which one has total freedom to choose what he/she likes to do, people would seek for you as your ideas works are incredible (ideally..) like the famous lyrics writers in hong kong who writes fantastic lyrics for Eason chan also a columnist, host, fashion designer for his concert...truly creative works..and across diff fields somemore..

for now, i will stick to architecture..even it's sick sometimes..but dont stop to find my other talents!! who knows?? lol.... i think architecture school has given me a good base to do creative works..(it's really about hard work and research and constantly changing..not sudden surge of ideas..)

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