Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sat Shout-out

As i was procrastinating to start WORKING AT HOME ON THIS SAT, i accidentally clicked into my older space where i loaded my memories in prague and also where ms sy store her nanjing memories

at this moment, I really want to shout "I goddamn miss my exchange life!!". could the clock turn back I will be in that time zone, and do things that I haven't been able to do for ages? (such as wake up late make breakfast go supermarket think what to eat go park walk around town party blog everyday travel to neighboring cities) although that means I have to live thriftily again..i do not mind..i do not mind walking into h&m zara in wenceslas sq I cant find anything I can afford..and I have to walk into c&s in the end to find sth basic & warm for myself.

is this only happening once in a life time? it is only 5 months i can do so in my entire life? ahhh how can that be? now i am counting on my job prob can let me venture out of sg to china...

actually i am kinda envy what this person is doing in her life...

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