Saturday, April 17, 2010

4 years of design education

it has now came to an end. i didn't even realize i have been doing this: at least 10 times of design submission, 2 per week studio sessions, countless models, drwgs over these 4 years. it has already become part of my life, either out of my interest to it or the pressure of sch culture. it's only recently i am trying to reduce some of its weight to enjoy the other part of my life:)

but the love to it only happens when you design sth you like it yourself (but whether you like it is always the case whether pple like it). it seems like 'design sth you like' is pretty simple but the truth is: not everytime i can design sth i would like alot even i always want to..

but i do grow, grow to know my heart better, grow to not follow blindly, grow to defend my heart.. although not that well yet, there're still rooms for improvement

some words to conclude my every sem

year 1 sem 1: 懵懵懂懂. serioulsy i didnt even know what is design. i didnt even know what sort of school i had gone into. Concept is the new term.

I learnt: i had never learnt creating/conceptualizing things throughout my entire education before uni

year 1 sem 2: i think i tried very hard to make sense out of my design when the pressure within studio that translating the design in words/verbally was essential. but i think i got lost in this i didn't know what i really want then.

I learnt: language and presentation was really demanding that sem

year 2 sem 1: i think i still tried quite hard to judge the design thru words/design thru words. but the end result turned out quite nice:)

I learnt: concept worked for me for the first time and it was carried throughout the stages of design

year 2 sem 2: i got some idea but i didn't execute that well

I learnt: execution might be more important than the idea itself.

year 3 sem 1: it's still remarkable thus far. a daring attempt that was quite well-received:)

I learnt: first time i worked so hard during submission as for sacrificing the sleeping hours haha

year 3 sem 2: ermmmm...the sem was quite amazing (in a bad wayyy) i came to know so many flaws in me.

i learnt: stay strong, optimistic, and design is JUST design

year 4 sem 1: on exchange, i didn't spend much time to do work/ to even think about it. also because of the last sem, i think design is sth 'back of your head'. can do it however, wat ever, whenever you want to. just be free lah.

i learnt: relaxed, sit back and do design

year 4 sem 2: 'get real' is the tagline of this sem. i think when you tried to be realistic, to design sth expressive for your idea, to make architecture like an object/ to form-making does not exist anymore. that's why we do not have fancy stuff. but tks is right. it might be a disease hahaha to be expressive anyway. i do like my thing but it's just abit lower level

i learnt: sit back and design, and to do submission optimistically even tutor scolded you like no one. do wat you think is right loh... wat ever lah

it's a midnight with heavy rain. and with some excitement of tmr's concert, with some overdue pressure of my dissertation's topic... haha zoe i'm gg 五月天singapore concertttt tmr!!


  1. I love it :)
    throughout the journey you've learnt to be growth mature :) as you are, so am I..haha
    by the way, SiewTeng is going to 五月天malaysia concert too..
    didn't even know you like them too :) haha

  2. haha speaking of 五月天, their songs always let me pull through submissions.. very motivating, i always sing along when i was dying cadding/photoshopping, always push me to keep going n going dont give up..haha they means alot to me