Monday, March 8, 2010


i really like that i have a room (and a single room) to stay in this sem. but the sad thing is that this is gonna be the last sem i own my own room.
i enjoy the quiet time to ponder, to read, to lie on the bed, to do my work. and i like living in hostel more than ever. not so much when i was in pgp. i stay in studio till late more often this sem and i enjoy every walk back in the midnight. it's not so dark that make everything look scary. it's a breezy night walk companied by lights from bldgs and insect sounds with bushes, small forest alongside.
i wish i can enjoy the campus life like this foreverrr haha


it's been a rather easy *touch wood* sem so far. i have been out almost every single night last week. not sure if i was having WAY too much fun. but it's good to enjoy when i could still enjoy night out with friends (except that i've been spending too much on foood...). haha but i got to do work wan lah
i'm so free that i'm even feeling regretful now not having taken another module! (now i really wish i have taken JAP:(()

so good to be year 4 ah. wish i have honed this worries-free skill of surviving architecture school earlier.

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