Sunday, February 7, 2010

Start anew!

ehem. yeppie. new blog. thereafter, it explains itself. the experience gave me too much of new experiences and made me somewhat a different person now. hmm i believe it marked a significant point in my entire uni life/ life? (i dont know). since it's a important point in my timeline, in my own little history, everything thereafter will be recorded in a whole new angle haha.

hope the titile doesn't sound too emo. i do not intend it to be emo blog.

i believe i still have some faithful readers like sooyong, like zoe (who especially told me to update my blog before i left :touched:)..and others whom i do not know haha. so i decided to set up this for me to talk nonsense sometimes. also, as i do not have full-english environment now, i have to practice english writing from time to time before the dissertation nightmare starts to haunt me;(

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