Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prague dweller went back to prague

xiangyan went back to prague again.
meeting him made me feel little closer to prague.
we met in prague through a (social networking site hahaha) and had much fun in prague. now that when we meet again we're in a whole different setting. 1 hour train journey, hdb flat, his parents his aunts and his very cute little brother... looking at his pictures in prague, i think i miss the snow, every meals and occasional drinking nites. and passing him little gifts to friends in prague made me feel somehow connected with them, in a way, physically lol
i dont know how he feels about leaving here again. i guess it must be sad to leave his family. and he probably dread to go back prague like i do eveytime when i have to come back to singapore for the schoolwork! i guess he wouldn't feel any excitement as i would imagine for the jetsetting haha.
anyway. xiangyan jiayou for your study in prague! definitely will finish your third year smoothly


  1. Meeting me makes you feel closer to Prague? HAHHAHA:p

    Facebook that is it:p

    hey thank you so much for coming that day:) really appreciate that, I read the map I took in the airport and realised it is really far to get to AMK from Clementi, so I really appreciate that, thank you so much:):)

    physically connected to friends in Prague is a nice new term, LOL.. but too bad one of them is occupied by girlfriend and did not have much time to bother us, LOL..

    well actually I am not dread to go back to Prague, I love Prague actually, ahaha.. just that I find that two weeks are a bit too short. 3 weeks would be much better:)

    I can't see the future, but I will do my best:)

  2. whoa. such a long reply!:)
    ya AMK is really far. you know that night i actually missed the last train when i needed to switch train line in jurong east, then i have to cab back! i wasted $10 for that lol. haha cos i havent used to the idea that you cant find any public transport after 12:( haha can always take night tram back no matter how late in prague!

    physically as in we can still passing objects(gift) to friends. but other than that time, we can only be virtually connected lol (i.e facebook news, msn and blog:).

    good that you actually love going bac to prague. i wish i have the same feeling everytime i was on 170 going through the custom too.. too bad everytime the feeling is sucky lol

    hope u will read this. just reply me: yes i see this! just to let me know the time i spent on typing this didn't go wasted:)

  3. ouch I am sorry:p I thought Singapore have public transport at night as well:p

    Facebook as the new cool, HAHA

    don't udrstd about the 170:p

    haha I did read this, but after 1 month plus?! weird there is no email sent to my mailbox after your replied....