Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's truly a luxury for me to be at home on weekdays, like now:) i want to enjoy the last bit of cny, eat more cookies and drink more shandy before they all run out lol. and my bro gg to penang again;(

apparently vertical studio is quite a mess now. we dont know what we are going to do next. why are we guinea pig? i thought we can finally embark on individual work after toiling through the group work. hehehe but we have to redo...?

ironically, i myself dont believe gk need an architect, or architectural ideas we are now proposing. does a village need a architect? does saleng need an architect? i guess pple could survive just well without architect. i just dont see it speaking from point of view from someone from kampong too. too narrow minded? i'm not sure.

10. 学会做没有目的事,看些无所谓的书

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