Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY at home

since zoe you told me you're reading my blog:) so this is sth i wanted to show you but never free to. haha i wanted to show you how i spend my chinese new year at home cos you cant celebrate it at home.

but i have only pictures on new year's eve, that's my favourite day of the whole new year:)

looking out from living room. i live in a terraced house in a very small town, which is also my mom's home town. we have mandarin oranges on the table which makes you feel new year too right? haha

those are steamboat ingredients haha! steamboat is solely for cny in my home

haha our dining room is 'integrated' with kitchen. not so well designed. but in rural area, i guess pple could just live in whatever condition they are given. and they are comfortable to us too! my parents, my older brother and me! fyi my parents work as teacher, and my older bro work in ntu as researcher currently

me, in my house. I was delighted to see the fireworks. you know all of these was just happening in this small town. the fireworks is even nicer than what i saw in chinatown singapore ok. apparently villagers here are so willing to spend money on fireworks so we're the one benefited without spending even a cent;p haha i guess those are the things make new year back home so 'homely' cos you definitely cant feel that much of new year 'feel' in singapore. it's all quiet there.

my brother. he is always funny!
haha picture taken from my house okkkk!